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Name:Erek King
If you're reading this, here’s what you should know. Lately I use the name Erek King, and I’m just your average teenager – kind of a dork, decent grades, really good with dogs, not so good with kids bigger than me. Or sometimes I’m a Yeerk agent posing as a human to help infiltrate their society in preparation for the invasion. Or sometimes…

I’m a Chee, an android created by an extinct race called the Pemalites. My fellow Chee and I have been hiding among humanity for as long as you’ve had cities, safeguarding the dogs in whom our creators live on. By human standards I’m insanely strong and fast, I’m able to pass for human with the aid of advanced holographic and force-field technology... and completely incapable of acting to harm a sentient life form.

Technically I’m not supposed to use my powers or knowledge to interfere with human development. Technically I’m not allowed to tell them about our existence. I might have bent all of those rules lately. Because the human race can’t develop naturally if they’re dead, and Earth is our home too now.

And I refuse to stand by and let my home be destroyed.

Not this time.

( Current PB is Callan McAuliffe, icons taken from hollowart. Can be played from any (pre-/post-)canon point; will default to mid-canon for convenience unless otherwise requested/indicated. )
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